Is it Time for a Marital Intensive?

Perhaps the best benefit of the intensive is the ability for both parties to be genuinely heard and understood by each other and by the therapist.  No other marriage intervention can provide this like an intensive can.  Spending days, rather than carefully watched minutes, is how deep issues are identified and resolved. 

“What about the kids?” or “I can’t take off work for that long…”   We understand the daily commitments and responsibilities you have.  But if you are serious about trying to make this marriage work, then there is a way to take care of your responsibilities for a few days while you fix the main commitment in your life.  Your marriage effects every responsibility in your life, from your work, your kids and your commitments outside the home.  We have found that most employers and family members are very understanding in helping you accommodate this time to work on your marriage. 

Of course, we also realize many couples are ashamed to speak with their employer or family members about the problems in their marriage.  It happens quite often, you are not alone.  Some couples have called it a ‘retreat’ with their spouse.  However you approach it, if you are committed to saving your marriage, Caring for the Heart-Restoration will come alongside with hope and powerful healing tools.