What is your Marriage Worth?

Just what is a marriage intensive?  The name might sound intimidating, but rest assured, this is about getting intense into the issues causing failure in your relationship.  Consider traditional counseling, where you have a one hour (maybe less) session every week.  By the time you start to open up, it’s time for the next person to fill their time slot.  It can work, but it takes a long time, and is not best suited for intense marriage therapy. 

A marriage intensive runs for multiple days (usually 3-5 depending on the needs and organization offering it) and allows the therapists to build a good connection with both you and the spouse seeking help.  It also allows for them to dig deep into the issues causing relational failure.  Each session is unique, so there is not an hourly agenda.  It is usually tailored just to meet your specific needs.  

What is your marriage and family worth?  Maybe it is time to discover the power of Christ through a marriage intensive.