Are You Convinced?

I am a student of culture and the affect it is having on the human soul.  Recently, I was having a particular hard day with living in a post-modern world.  I was sad and wondered what difference can be made to change our culture.  What if just believing in Christ is not enough?  What if we really are not convinced that historical Christianity is not relevant in our post modern culture?

I happened to hear a podcast that crystallized my concern.  How many of us are lacking DISCERNMENT?  How many of us are lacking the wisdom on what is Biblical truth and what is a crazy fabricated lie?  I love Josh McDowell's book, "Beyond Belief to Conviction". How many of us can discern through the flood of daily information on what is true and important?  Versus how many of us are believing random/rampant ideas that influence are daily action? Is our daily action coming from Biblical beliefs and values?   Are we convicted that the Bible and Historical Christianity is absolutely true?  If we are lacking discernment, we will believe about anything.  Are you convinced?