Prayer and Healing

When I was going through some personal battles 25 years ago, I went to a few Christian counselors.   I appreciated their desire to help and listen to my struggles.   As I reflect, I don’t remember them using prayer in their time with me.   I wish they would have incorporated that powerful piece in their counseling session.

Prayer is a dialogue with the Creator of the Universe.   Yesterday, as we were closing our 4 day marital intensive time, I asked them if I could appeal to their future healing.   I asked for permission and then came to the True Healer with their stories.   It was so beautiful to ask Jesus to take their individual wounds and marital wounds.   I just came before the Father and asked again and again, “Jesus, would you…., Jesus can you….., Lord, what if we choose…..”.

Honesty and openness with Jesus is more than a concept.  It indicates a 2 directional relationship that embodies the presence of safety and trust.   This is critical in any relationship. Emotional safety and a proven trust can transform a soul!  What if we asked Jesus right now to take our wounded stories and let the healing begin?   This begins an honest appeal to our Creator.  While there might not be a quick response, it commences a powerful communication of our broken hearts to God our Healer.