Our services are designed according to the specific needs we encounter.  Our general practice is to do consecutive day ‘intensives’ where we spend a designated amount of time working through the issues at hand, rather than one hour a week for several months, as is common in the counseling profession.

We have found that intensive work allows restoration to happen with far greater impact than the traditional counseling approach. While intensives are often the recommendation, each case requires the appropriate flexibility.

2-3 hour initial consultation may occur depending on intensity of need
3-4 day intensives for marital cases (3-4 consecutive days; 4-6 hours per day)
3 day intensives for individual cases (3 consecutive days; 4-6 hours per day)

Other services include:

*Premarital (Preparing for Marriage) 

*Training Resources for interested caregivers

*Resource tools for churches/lay people/ministries with helping the hurting